Projecting gym style

By 16 December 2011News

Some would say that I have been spending a bit of time at Villawood Climbing Gym of late. Well with all this rain, and no day care for Coco, I figure I’ll just send some stuff indoors. Same thing as rock really, isn’t it! OK, not so, but I keep telling myself that because it’s all I can get at the moment.

Thanks to Carlie’s fabulous route setting abilities she has set a project that I can really sink my teeth into. It’s the blue 30 on the runway wall. It has a strong constant pace as soon as you leave the deck, the clips are all in the right spots, it snakes, it weaves, it builds, and it builds some more and then suddenly wham, you’re off. I love it! Thanks Carlie! Can you set another one just like that, pretty please?

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