Queensland all wrapped up

Our Queensland trip got extended a bit… things changed, we loved exploring a new place without the long haul flight. Here’s a roundup, don’t mind my blabbering.

_DSC6332.jpg456 D0030.jpg464 D0001.jpg464 D0018.jpg464 D0038.jpg464 D0105.jpg466 D0023.jpg470 D0197.jpg470 D0421.jpg470 D0609.jpgJJ Arete.jpgJJ Call.jpgMF Call.jpgIMG_8122.jpgMonique_Gasolne_PhilBox.jpgChevy.jpg

At Frog we found bombproof rhyolite crack lines divine

Stuff any body part, or gear in them, and you will be fine

Down your eyes as you push through grass trees

If someone yells ‘ROCK’ run for cover, put your head between your knees


A little further north, The Glasshouse Mountains we found

Celestial and Clemency walls had it all, multi-pitch trad routes abound

They are on Mt Tibrogargan, Tibro for short

Whilst you are there do visit the caves and Slider, if you seek sport


Just up from the beach, Mt Coolum sits proud

Here knee bars, butt scums and body tetris is the way around

You’ll either love it or hate it, I had a ball

Be sure to savour Screaming Insanity, Wholly Calamity, Spoonman, Chevy and The Call


Up, up, further north to Brooyar we went

there Coco Pops, The Great Devoid, Little Wednesday were sent

The  sandstone is coarse, gritty at best

Toby Saunders rates the Black Stump and Eagles Nest


Whilst at Cooroora we ogled at rubble brought down by the rain

We sampled two routes, a lichenous slab, an airy arête, both awesomely insane


Up the road from Cooroy, round the back of beyond, just near JJ’s freehold

Poignantly sits, Mt Tinbeerwah, slabs kitted with rap stations and bolts, I am told


Last there is Serpent a trudge up the hill

Be sure to climb Minotaur (17) a crag classic if you will

Do turn around to savour the scenery

Susy G says watch out for snakes that hide in the greenery


Then we were gone….Goodbye to Sir Coolum you kept to your name

I worked out some semantics (thanks JJ) of how to play your body contorting game


Goodbye Tassie Dave who elbow jammed the Smoked Banana in a white shirt

And likewise to crust eating Joel, Mary, Babsi, Tash, Gemma, Leon and Geiske in her sexy skirt


I’m pointing my finger in search of a conviction

Its JJ and Rob who are to blame for re-igniting my chilli addition


Coco had fun camping, making new friends and stringing bead necklaces

At Noosa she met up with her uncles and she put a big smile on their faces


But mostly she wants to say thank you to Sandra, a big hug and a kiss go to you

For making her a Red Phoenix Emporium silk dress, complete with green buttons and a pink bow too


Also huge thanks go to Donna who made Coco a doll and rescued her ballet tights from a whopping great hole


There is so much left to do so next when I’m back I’ll have a new tick list

The Trousers, Devils Dihedral, Child in Time, Evil and The Beast from the East


So now sunny Queensland I bid you adieu

thanks for the memories, blue skies, custard tarts and also the flu.





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  1. Posted 31 August 2012 at 8:02 pm by Donna | Permalink

    Monique there is no end to your talents :) It was so great to get to know you. I’m looking forward to more great times in the future :)

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