New Climbing Clinics – Sydney

Brrr the chill is in the air so what better time to hit the gym for some serious winter training. If you are interested in gaining some training insights and fully utilising your time in the gym then perhaps consider participating in one of my training clinics. I promise you they are heaps of fun and very interactive. I provide full course notes so you’re not spending time writing you’ll be doing loads of climbing.

My Climbing Fundamentals clinic is targeted towards beginners and intermediate climbers who wish to unravel some of the complexities of climbing. If you’ve ever wondered how some people can simply breeze up climbs then wonder no more…Through a fun and interactive program we explore; precise footwork, balance & body positioning, hand holds and how to use them, breathing, resting & recovering, mixing it up on wall angles and route reading. This clinic will see you well on your way to mastering the key fundamentals of climbing technique.

My Train Smart clinic is targeted at climbers who want to learn how to train smart. If you spend a lot of time in the gym and aren’t getting results then learn how to “train”, not just go climbing. I will unravel the secrets of climbing technique and provide a training structure for you to maximise your time in the gym (and outside the gym) to its full potential.

My Breaking Climbing Plateaus clinic is targeted at intermediate and advanced climbers who wish to learn ways in which to push through mental and physical barriers. Have you been climbing for a while and have hit a wall? Don’t know how to progress to the next level? Well during this hands on clinic we discuss possible reasons for reaching a climbing plateau and learn strategies to push through these plateaus. The clinic explores; technique, fear of failure (numbers), mental game, falling, creating a tick list, mixing it up, building a pyramid, expanding your comfort zone and route selection.

Spaces are limited to 10 participants per clinic. Contact the gyms to book your spot.



The Climbing Centre
Thursday 11th June 6-8pm
3/16 Borec Road, Penrith
Phone: 4731 1130

The Edge Rock Climbing Centre
Tuesday 9th June 6-8pm
9/10 Hudson Ave, Castle Hill
Phone: 9899 8228


Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym – Villawood
Saturday 30th May 3-6pm
850 Villawood Road, Villawood
Phone: 9728 2825

Northern Beaches Rockhouse
Saturday 6th June 4-7pm
Unit 4E “Winbourne Estate” 9 – 13 Winbourne Road, Brookvale
Phone: 9905 6202


Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym – Villawood
Saturday 23rd May 3-6pm
850 Villawood Road, Villawood
Phone: 9728 2825

Saturday 30th May 8-11am
Unit 4/12 Frederick St, St Leonards
Phone: 9436 4600

Hope to see you there brown bear!


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