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A quick play on the Rings

For the first time in five years I have time to myself. At first the thought of unleashing myself on myself was rather disturbing, not knowing if myself could handle myself all alone, all at once. It wasn’t that hard (or bad) in the end, manners were on high alert and constantly engaged. Where is […]

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Taipan Squeeling

For the last two months I have done diddly squat as far as climbing goes, my efforts in WA were enough to see to that, pulling up just short of rupturing my finger tendon. Not to let a sleeping dog lie I decided to do a weights hypertrophy program to bulk up a bit. I […]

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Kalbarri Gold

Kalbarri Gorge is unworldly. Imagine slicing through the pristine air, a slit from head to foot, just enough to squeeze through to the other side, into a moment from the past, as you enter the gorge the brick red cliffs, the serpentining river and the cobalt sky do their wonderful reveal, your breath leaves you […]

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  When is enough, enough? Is it wrong to want to push myself further, to explore my limits, to achieve something in my lifetime that I once thought was impossible? Is this wrong? No. I don’t think so. To me it’s a personal quest that I can’t explain. But perhaps you feel it too?   […]

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Climb UK cover

My favourite climb, Tom et je Ris gets a little bit more exposure, this time on the cover of UK’s Climb magazine January 2013. In this issue the Editor in Cheif, David Pickford, talks about enticing lines and how they captivate and motivate climbers to strive to achieve their best. This is certainly one of […]

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Coco turns four

With what seems like the blink of an eye yet another year has seen us through some fabulous times and travels. Now our sweet darling Coco is four. Its funny how we measure time based on Coco’s age.

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Back to ‘The Mount’

After completing the Queensland guidebook we packed the car to the rafters and headed to ‘The Mount’ (Mount Arapiles) to stay for while. We set up camp in the gums and went climbing…as you do. Araps is flooded with climbing history, it whispers in your ear when you’re climbing, it rustles the leaves in the […]

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Miss Snowwoman

What a beautiful surprise it was to wake up this morning to snow. Not the usual mushy, slushy wet stuff that hardly settles. This time round we were blessed with lots and lots of snow. The type  that goes crunch underfoot. Snow that sticks together and is perfect for building snowman or snowwomen. So that’s […]

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Happy Jam

Here’s just a quick update on my crack project in the Grose Valley which I talked about previously. After a long spell from the route I finally got back on it two weeks ago. I was very pleased to send the route on my first day back on it and on my first redpoint attempt; […]

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I am very pleased to say that I am now sponsored by Julbo Eyewear thanks to Mont Adventure Equipment the distributors here in Australia. I’ve got to say they are bloody awesome! The 120-year-old Julbo brand (originating in France) is at the forefront of multi-sport eyewear for all active outdoor pursuits and they have developed […]

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