If you’re keen to improve your climbing and crank it up a notch or two, then some professional climbing coaching might be the solution. I offer individually tailored programs and individual or group tuition, both in the gym and on rock. These are programs for improving your performance on rock, participants will need to be already proficient at leading sport routes; I do not offer basic climbing instruction.

From an initial assessment I create a comprehensive training program which addresses weaknesses, builds on your strengths and gives you step-by-step instruction on how to realise your climbing goals. Your program will include: climbing specific warm-up exercises, stretching exercises, core exercises, antagonist exercises, climbing training workouts and strength exercises. I also provide a timetable of when and how many times to perform each component each week.

Private tuition looks holistically at improving climbing performance. We will focus on various climbing aspects including:  braving falls, leading confidently, refining technique, resting on routes, rhythmic breathing, red pointing tactics, rope management, un-scrambling route reading, tricks to onsighting etc.

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Monique Forestier, Burnt Offerings (7a+), Melting Wall, Ton Sai, Thailand.