Verdon Dreaming Video

By 12 February 2012News, Video

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  • Simon Young says:

    Awesome work Monique! what does the name Tom et je Ris mean? for those not so refined or cultured people such as myself!

    • Monique Forestier says:

      Hi Simon, I met the first ascentionist, Bruno Clement, after I did the route. He said that Tom et je Ris means Tom and I laugh. He did the route in 2004 when his son was a baby, so I guess it reflects a happy time for him. Happy climbing! Monique

  • Julia says:

    Dear Monique and Simon, a beautiful video and an inspiring climb, well done, and please come back to Spain to finish your projects here ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also climb, and actually live in Spain, at the base of Montserrat, the magic mountain, in this kingdom of rock and sun. I hope you don’t mind I embedded your video on my blog (… Best, and maybe see you in Spain some day!


  • Susy G says:

    Geez I love watching this video! Everything about it is mesmerising.

  • Michael Doyle says:

    Such a beautiful video. Superb, aesthetically pleasing line complimented by a great music track and wonderful climbing. A masterpiece of the genre and the best climbing vid I’ve ever seen.

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