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Don’t be shy. If your interested in joining me in either a one off 3 hour clinic, OR in a progressive training series running over 4 weeks (if you can’t make all four sessions, then you can always join me for one, two or three sessions – if space allows), then read on.

Coming soon I am hosting the following coaching sessions. Please choose the level and experience that most suits your climbing ability and the format that best fits your schedule.

Please contact the gym to book your space!

Look forward to seeing you soon…


My Train Smart clinic is targeted at climbers who want to learn how to train smart. The goal is to turn your time in the gym into meaningful training, not just climbing. I will unravel the secrets of training and empower you with the tools to utilise your time in the gym to its full potential. Bring climbing shoes, harness, chalk bag and lots of psyche! Spaces are limited to 10 participants per clinic. Contact the gyms to book your spot.

Canberra Indoor Climbing Gym – Mitchell (update 20th June: only 2 places remaining)
Sunday 26th June 10-1pm
38-40 Essington St, Mitchell ACT 2911
Phone: 02 6262 4863

Hangdog Climbing Gym
Sunday 31st July 9-12pm
130 Auburn St, Coniston NSW 2500
Phone: 02 4225 8369


Do you want to crank the next grade but don’t know how?
Are you willing to confront your weaknesses?
Are you prepared to put in some hard work?

If your answer is “YES!” then let me help get you on track. Coming soon I am hosting a 4 week progressive training series targeted towards intermediate climbers (V3­ – V6). Over the 4 week program I will introduce climbing and training technique, tips and tactics. And on a weekly basis I will have the opportunity to analyse your climbing, assess your strengths and weaknesses, pull it all apart, put it all back together again, and coach you to the next level!

9 degrees Boulder Gym
Sundays  17, 24, 31st July & 7 Aug  5-7pm
3, Sydney Corporate Park, 85 O’Riordan St, Sydney NSW 2015
Phone: 02 8970 8567


Coming soon I am very excited to be hosting a 4 week progressive training series targeted towards intermediate and advanced climbers. Over the 4 week program I will work with you to consolidate your technique, improve your lead-climbing competency and introduce some red-pointing strategies. I’ll also equip you with a range of training methods to improve your climbing into the future. Each week I will have the opportunity to coach you through any difficulties that you may have.

Villawood Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym
Wednesdays  20, 27th July & 3, 10th August  6:30-8:30pm
5/850 Woodville Rd, Villawood NSW 2163
Phone: 02 9728 2825


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